Playground Services and Maintenance

Making your playground a favourite with children and their parents alike

Ensuring playground safety

Safety is paramount in playgrounds and the best way to ensure children stay safe on your equipment is to carry out regular care and maintenance.

Our teams have established best-practice methodologies to meet the various standards governing playgrounds.

We begin with a thorough inspection of your playground to ensure timber elements remain smooth and splinter-free, mechanical attachments and moving parts such as swings are not defective, sandpits are full and clear of dangers and metal surfaces are free of rust. Once we’re confident the equipment is up to scratch, our experts introduce a regular schedule of maintenance to keep it that way while also caring for the grounds and open space.

All team members are appropriately accredited and licensed to perform works in this sector.

Our teams manage and maintain hundreds of playgrounds across Australia and New Zealand, get in touch to find out how we can care for yours.

Find out how we can care for your playground

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