Indoor Plant Services

Whether you want a living and breathing green interior to be designed, installed or maintained, we’ve got you covered.

Breathe life into your indoor spaces

We bring spaces to life with our industry leading indoor plant design, hire and maintenance services. Whether you’re dreaming of a green wall for your office, a tropical jungle feel for your restaurant or a breathtaking atrium for your luxury resort, our passionate horticulturalists work with you to select living plants to achieve your vision and keep it looking lush.

Our process begins with an onsite consultation with our horticulturalist to understand your ideas, measure up and take light readings to provide you with the right cost-effective plantscape that will flourish in your space.

Once the vision has been adapted to your preferences, we will install your plants, advising you of the recommended maintenance schedule to water, fertilise, trim and clean your plants ensuring they stay in peak condition.

With over 30 years’ experience, we bring spaces to life such as offices, hotels, resorts, shopping centres and residential communities.

A customised, site-specific Indoor Plant Management Plan can create a positive atmosphere in your space and help you attain Green Star accreditation.

To learn how we can help, please contact our Indoor Plant team today.

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