Supporting our industry

As industry leaders, Skyline believe that we have a responsibility to demonstrate leadership and commitment to growing the profile and appreciation of the landscape care industry. In support of our commitment Skyline has formed a strong partnership with Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA) with the goal to provide green space expertise that is useful, helpful and builds a stronger foundation for our industry. We are doing this via participation in networks to support industry newcomers, sponsorship and events, and committee involvement.

Major Partnerships

Sponsorship and support:

We are highly engaged with Parks and Leisure Australia, a leading industry body for parks, recreation, community and sport. We are the principal region sponsor for Parks and Leisure Queensland as well as a Region Sponsor for PLA Victoria/Tasmania and PLA Western Australia. As part of this, we help to organise and host a online industry discussion panels and presentations, along with in person forums and workshops. The events we host in partnership with PLA typically revolve around collaboration and workshopping how contractors and councils can work more closely together to reduce complications and challenges.

Conference knowledge sharing:

Moving away from traditional attendance of state and national conferences, we wanted to become more involved with these events and offer stronger guidance for our industry. We have presented multiple abstracts at for PLA conferences about best practices and technology innovations, as well as collaboration with external parties to deliver detailed expertise on subjects outside our domain. We also have a presence on the QLD Conference Committee, helping to organise and make key decisions in preparation and planning of the PLA QLD conference.

PLA QLD Regional Council

Two of our senior managers sit on the PLA QLD regional committee with intention to help guide and provide valuable input to the PLA on a state level.

Recreation Aotearoa is the peak industry body for all things Recreation in New Zealand, and with a strong emphasis on climate action and industry support, this was a perfect alignment for us. We support Recreation Aotearoa through a number of ways, including:   

Consecutive support for Green Pavlova and the Sustainability streams 

  • We are big supporter of the sustainability section of the Green Pavlova conference, after sponsoring it for many years. 
  • We also aim to submit abstracts to be able to present at this conference in order to share and help the industry grow in the right direction 

Collaboration in developing strategic initiatives  

  • We work with Recreation Aotearoa to develop initiatives that will benefit the broader industry 

A member of the Climate Action Plan Steering Group 

  • We help in the development and implementation of Recreation Aotearoa’s Climate Action Plan  

Recent Initiatives

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